Centurion Europe Ltd, one of the UK’s leading independent distributors of DIY and Trade products including, hardware, ironmongery, gardening, plumbing and electrical have launched an improved own branded range of Ratchet Straps.

Paul Kantecki, Managing Director of Centurion comments, “As part of our range reviews we invest in research and development to ensure we offer the best products for our customers and the end user. We were seeing a lot of low quality ratchet straps out in the market and as they play a vital role not only in the haulage industry to ensure safe securing of loads but also leisure, farming, construction, storage, travel and transport, means they have to be able to stand up to the job at the hand”.

Securing any load safely is also the law, and according to the highways agency in 2015 there were over 4k incidents involving ratchet straps. Not using Ratchet Straps or using old and unsuitable straps can cause loads to fall, which not only causes long traffic delays but also can cause injury and death.

Paul continued, “We worked hard to work with a manufacturer to provide us with a quality range of Ratchet Straps that would stand up to the rigorous strapping and securing they are designed for.  Our range is tested up to load and feature the test label which is a legal requirement clearly detailing the straps capabilities. We are proud to now have this range of Ratchet Straps added into the Centurion brand.

Centurion offer 4 grades of Ratchet Straps, Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Commercial, all made from strong quality polyester webbing and provide widths of 25mm – 50mm, strength ratings from 750kg to 5000kg and lengths from 4.5m to 10m, so whether it be a large object that needs securing to a pallet or keeping your possessions attached to your car, Centurions range offer a Ratchet Strap for many applications.

As with every product launch Centurion have also introduced POS and merchandising options for their retail customers, as they understand merchandising the product right in store is important to grow sales.

Centurion also offer a selection of products to complement this range including luggage straps and tarpaulins.

For more information about our range of Ratchet Straps visit our website www.centurioneurope.co.uk or email sales@centurioneurope.co.uk.