Chandlers is helping to promote the Construction Industry Helpline, a free and confidential service that helps construction workers and families affected by mental health issues.

The industry-funded service provides emergency financial aid to construction workers and their families, advice on occupational health and mental wellbeing, and support on legal, tax and debt management matters. Chandlers’ support comes as worrying statistics from Construction News show that 55% of those working in the construction trade surveyed have experienced mental health issues in their lives, 25% have considered taking their own life, and 88% said there needs to be more support for those who suffer mental health issues.

Numerous factors specific to construction work are said to exacerbate poor mental wellbeing such as tight deadlines, often with penalties for non-compliance, long commutes, low rates of pay, job insecurity, isolation, and fatigue.

Throughout Mental Health Week, Chandlers is promoting and distributing the details of the Construction Industry Helpline through its 13 branches across London, the South East and West Midlands. You can pop into any Chandlers Building Supplies branch to pick up your free card and information.

Marketing Manager Sue McKinney, said: “Research into mental health in construction is still in its infancy, but what we know is that it is a significant issue. As a result, Chandlers Building Supplies feel it is important to do something to help. The aim is for every Chandlers Building Supplies customer to carry the card and also have one spare for a mate. We want as many of the 2.1 million construction workers in the UK as possible to know about the helpline.

“As a family-owned builders’ merchant, our staff are all passionate about our local community and our customers. We have a very loyal customer base and know many personally. As a result, we see this campaign as our natural role to spread the much needed message about the Construction Industry Helpline. Often our customers are small or self-employed builders who have no resources to fall back on and this is where the helpline can step in. The more we can do about spreading this message the better it is for all.”