Plumb and Parts Center has donated 1,000 fleeces, t-shirts and polo shirts to two charities.

Instead of letting obsolete uniforms sit in storage gathering dust, the company decided they could be given away and used for good causes. The Passage Charity, based in London, was first and claimed 70 units of each item for the many people who come into its homeless shelter every year.

Andrew Hollingsworth, business director at The Passage, said: “These people have very few possessions, and in the winter months they’re often in need of warmer clothing, so the donations were very gratefully received.”

The remaining stock was then taken by Syria Relief, a charity set up in 2011 to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian families. Yashar Kassar, head of fundraising, said: “We gratefully took the remaining stock, which has made a very welcome contribution to our cause. The clothing was shipped over on the following day in one of Syria Relief’s regular containers to Syria and we’d like to thank Plumb and Parts Center for donating.”

Finally, Julie McLean, Plumb and Parts Center’s head of marketing, added: “Plumb Center regularly takes part in charity-led initiatives as a way of supporting projects – both in the local community and beyond. We knew that, while the clothing was no longer of use to us, it would be very welcome to somebody else. When we approached these two organisations and they accepted our donations, we were very pleased to be able to help.”