SUNBURY-ON-THAMES: All Chubb locking products have now successfully migrated to the Union and Yale brands, with minimal disruption and positive feedback from merchants.

This is ahead of the discontinuation of the licence to use the Chubb name on locking product from August 2010, other than a limited range of specialist custodial locks.

Chubb mortice locks, rim locks and padlocks have migrated to the Union range in the new Union C-Series, whilst Yale has inherited the Chubb range of additional security products.

Mark Efford of the Yale Trade team, which supplies Union and Yale products to merchants, said: “Our merchant customers have been very supportive during this transition period and have only really been concerned about changes to product codes. The vast majority of Chubb products are still available from Union and Yale, and virtually all lines have retained the same part numbers. However, for the limited number of products that have changed, there is a part number conversion guide available on the Chubb at Heart website.

“The trade’s cooperation has been much appreciated and we’ve received positive feedback to date, as customers are quickly realising that they can still sell Chubb products, just under different but equally strong brands.”