Cistermiser-Keraflo has appointed Mark Schlotel as its new Marketing Manager.

Mark has 34 years’ experience, directing strategic B2B and B2C communications for a range of businesses operating predominantly in building products and associated technologies.

Having worked for UK industrial groups such as Norcros, Novar (now Honeywell) and IMI, Mark is adept at delivering successful launches for new products.

Commenting on his new role, Mark said: “I just love getting to know technical products in detail, to fully understand their engineering advantages, then working out the best ways to gain as much visibility as possible across target market sectors.

“That is what is so appealing about Cistermiser-Keraflo. These are two respected and enduring British manufacturing companies, thoroughly proven over the last 35 years, whose products are widely recognised for their quality and excellence.

“Both Cistermiser and Keraflo have great new products and innovations in the R&D pipeline that are, from a marketing and business growth perspective, going to make the next 12 months and beyond so exciting."

Managing Director David Jones added: “We are delighted to have Mark on-board. His skills and experience, particularly in the building products arena, will be a great asset, supporting the future strategic growth of our business.”