Clark-Drain has signed a dual supply agreement with the National Buying Group (NBG) for its linear channel series of products, further reinforcing a relationship that has continued for over 10 years.

The contract, to supply NBG members with the Clark-Drain linear channel aimed at residential, commercial and industrial building projects includes its light duty polypropylene and medium to heavy duty polymer concrete channel systems.

“Linear channel reliability is critical in the UK as the effects of wet weather are expensive and an inconvenience to people, buildings and traffic,” said Matt Hunt, national sales manager at Clark-Drain. “Utilising Clark-Drain’s products will provide NBG members with an alternative that offers value for money, excellent through-flow performance, reduced labour and maintenance costs and increased asset life.”

David Santi, chairman of NBG’s civil and landscaping category management team, said: “Promoting innovation in both process and practice in its supply chain, with the objective of eliminating unnecessary build costs and promoting added value and satisfaction for the customer is key to NBG’s operation.”