Independent brickmaker Edenhall has stepped up production of its Engineering Quality concrete bricks as clay brick makers struggle to satisfy demand for Class B engineering bricks from merchants, housebuilders and groundworkers in the civils sector.

“We are finding a growing market for these strong dense bricks with their low water absorption,” said Andy Cotton, managing director of Edenhall. “It seems that production of Class B engineering bricks has virtually ceased as clay manufacturers switch to producing higher value facing bricks. In sharp contrast, our Engineering Quality bricks are readily available across the country.”

Edenhall claims to have pioneered the development of the Standard Engineering Quality (EQ) concrete brick in the 1980s as a high performance and cost-effective alternative to the Class B clay engineering brick. The standard EQ is ideal for the ground workers and the civils sector and is approved for use by the regulatory bodies and standards.

The company now produces EQ bricks at six of its eight sites around the UK, with national coverage to support deliveries both direct to site and to builders’ merchants in full or even mixed loads of a variety of Edenhall’s brick products.