In a divestment process at the end of 2016 (which came into effect 4 January 2017), scaffolding and access solutions brand Palmers was sold to businessman Colin Butt by previous owners XERVON GmbH, who were looking to off-set some of their non-EU businesses, post-Brexit.

The now British-owned Palmers Scaffolding UK business will continue to run branches located across the country, from Vauxhall to Glasgow.

Colin Butt, chief executive of Palmers Scaffolding UK, said: “We are thrilled to be the proud new owners of such an historic brand as Palmers – who continue to operate at a high level of special access provision and have a highly skilled workforce.

“The company has established excellent working relationships with some of the country’s leading contractors and we are looking forward to moving the brand forward in 2017 and beyond.”

All Palmers corporate branding and staff remain unchanged, with managing director Donald Morrison supported by director Lindsay Harle and business and project development director Ian McFarlane together with Mr Butt as the new chief executive.