Spirit levels are an essential piece of kit for tradesmen so storing them safely and where they are easy to find in your van is important. The new Stabila spirit level combi case makes this easy, presenting a professional image on site and between jobs while protecting the tool itself.

Bringing a sense of order to workshops and vehicles to increase efficiency, the combi case enables spirit levels to be stowed quickly and always be ready to hand.

With five or six compartments for convenient and safe storage of spirit levels up to 200cm in length, the combi case features extra loops for securing it in the work van or workshop.

Available in two sizes to accommodate spirit levels of all lengths, the case is tough and functional and can be locked to maximise on security. Identifying which combi case is yours is made simple too, with a handy insert included for business cards or a name and address tag. Padded handles and shoulder strap make the case comfortable for carrying between jobs too.

The Stabila Spirit level combi case LCC-5-120 is for levels in lengths of 120cm, 90cm, 60 m,

40 cm and 25 cm, while the combi case LCC-6-200 fits levels in lengths of 200cm, 120cm, 90cm, 60cm, 40cm and 25cm.

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