Government-backed recruitment platform, the Construction Talent Retention Scheme, helps get candidates and employers matched online.

While a range of industries such as hospitality, leisure and retail continue to reel from the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown, construction has become one of the shining lights for job hunters, bouncing back from its sharp 41% fall in vacancies in March 2020 to become one of the very few areas where recruitment is now picking up.

Today (26 January 2021) the Office for National Statistics published its latest ‘Labour Market Overview’ with all employment-related statistics for the UK. Although unemployment rates continue to rise, job hunters can take some comfort from encouraging figures about the industry’s recovery.

The new figures, covering October to December 2020, show that vacancies in the sector are now eight per cent higher than the same period last year, pre-Covid. There are an estimated 28,000 vacancies, another jump up from the previous three months. Construction is one of just two sectors to have seen an increase in vacancies overall since December 2019.

The ONS said: “Construction was one of the sectors to see a large quarterly fall in vacancies at the start of the pandemic in April to June 2020, with a consistent recovery since the summer.”

To encourage more people to sign up for the wide range of construction roles now needed, a free-to-use recruitment platform, the Construction Talent Retention Scheme, is launching its latest social media campaigns promoting the latest opportunities for skilled workers.

The Construction Talent Retention Scheme is a not-for-profit programme, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and backed by business organisations, professional institutions and construction unions. Its online portal enables job hunters to upload their CV and make contact with more than 770 potential employers.

The portal is currently advertising 1,124 live vacancies for roles as varied as senior construction project managers to customer service staff, engineers, salespeople, estimators, digger operators, HGV drivers, handypersons, electricians, plasterers and plumbers, and warehouse assistants.

The Construction Talent Retention Scheme can be found at and vacancies are also regularly promoted on social media: