With new residential developments being constructed in popular built-up areas where space is at a premium, driveways have been an unfortunate casualty in terms of the space being given. 

Some house builders have cut the size of garage doors in order to maximise value and living space. If the property has a garage, this makes it more difficult for the homeowner to park their car close to the garage door.

Where driveways are noticeably shorter, some homeowners may experience a problem with a standard up and over garage door kicking out as they are opened and closed. Leading garage door manufacturer recognizes this problem and is putting forward its sectional garage doors as a practical solution.

Garador’s sectional doors rise vertically with no loss of driveway space in front of the garage, so cars can be parked as close as possible. They also don’t have any loss of driveway width or height as the door is constructed from sections which run on metal tracks that run vertically and then horizontally back into the garage.

With a range of sizes up to 5,500mm wide and a vast selection of designs, colours and surface finishes, choosing a door design to match a property shouldn’t be a problem. As well as over 18 standard colour finishes, there are also 6 timber effect finishes.

View the complete range of Garador sectional garage doors online at www.garador.co.uk