Across 13 branches and 396 staff members, 43 staff now have a member of their family also working for Covers.

Covers has been a timber and building materials supplier for over 160 years, starting off as a small family timer merchants in Chichester.

Anne Morton, Covers group credit manager whose husband and son also work for the company, said: "Apart from a short period, I had always worked for family run companies and was concerned when in the late 1980s the company I worked for (MMS Ltd) was acquired by Covers, who were one of the biggest employers in Chichester. I imagined I would just become a ‘number’ on the payroll, but I soon learnt that Covers is a very family orientated company and takes an interest in their staff and their families.

“My son, Jon, was fortunate enough to get a holiday job at Covers whilst still at school. On finishing school he was offered the opportunity to learn the merchant trade and has never looked back on his choice of career.

“I am reassured by the fact that the next generation of the Green family has taken up the reins and, although the company is expanding all the time, the family roots are never lost. The ‘Covers family’ looks set to continue throughout my son’s career and hopefully long after John and I have been ‘put out to grass’!”

Henry Green, Covers managing director, commented: “We believe our success lies not only with an efficient and commercial organisation but in developing and retaining those who make up the Covers team. It is incredibly important that we, as an independent family company, value our staff, train and invest in their careers."