In partnership with Cricket Scotland, Jewson has launched Jewson CricketForce Scotland.

Carlton Cricket Club and national team players Preston Mommsen and Ali Evans officially opened the initiative, which provides Scottish cricket clubs with the opportunity to gain £150 worth of funding to spend on improving club facilities.

Jewson was approached by Cricket Scotland for support to set up a CricketForce scheme in Scotland – inspired by the success of one similar in England. After many discussions with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and ICC Europe, they have now officially launched the first ever CricketForce initiative in Scotland.

Tony Munro, marketing services director at Jewson, said: “We have built a strong relationship with the ECB over the last few years, so we couldn’t be happier that Cricket Scotland decided to introduce CricketForce for Scottish clubs - especially as it’s the year of The Ashes and cricket will be a big feature on the sporting calendar.

“Sport not only has the power to unite people through passion and loyalty, but it also connects people from all different backgrounds – empowering them to work together. Here at Jewson, we strive to share the best of the UK’s sporting moments with both our new and existing customers, which helps us build relationships and differentiate us from our competitors.”

Jewson CricketForce Scotland provides clubs across the country with the opportunity to apply for a Jewson Privilege Account. This involves a club paying £50 into a Jewson account and Cricket Scotland adding a further £150, giving the club a total of £200 to spend. The money, which is to be spent in a Jewson branch, can be used to purchase much-needed building and decorating products for use by volunteers, in order to keep their grounds and facilities in top condition.

Ian Sandbrook, acting head of community development at Cricket Scotland, said: “Cricket is the fastest growing sport in Scotland and there’s a growing interest in the game, particularly with the national team about to compete in the Cricket World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. We have over 150 very active clubs playing in strong competitions throughout the country and as such, I couldn’t be more pleased to announce the launch of Jewson CricketForce Scotland.

“As cricket is a very community focused sport, Jewson CricketForce Scotland will provide the opportunity for club members to engage with their communities and local businesses, in order to rally up volunteers to help maintain their clubs, as well as giving overall club support.”