Carl Kammerling International has enhanced its already popular range of C.K tools Redline VDE Side Cutters, adjusting the cutting edge to provide the optimal cutting angle for the unsurpassed, smooth and efficient cutting of electrical cables.

Historically, side cutters were manufactured with a one size fits all approach, manufactured with an obtuse cutting angle to provide the strength needed for cutting through high tensile steel wire used in the construction industry. Until now, there has been a distinct lack of choice of side cutters on the market that are specifically designed for the effortless cutting of wires electricians deal with, day in, day out.

Carl Kammerling enlisted independent metallurgists and engineers to make the C.K tools Side Cutters the best an electrician can buy. This involved using the finest German steel, induction hardened in a closely controlled process using specially formulated quenching technology to deliver the ultimate durability.

Through an exhaustive testing program, Carl Kammerling redefined the cutting geometry of its side cutters to define the optimum blade angles for the effortless cutting of copper and aluminium cables.

The result is impressive, with independent, controlled testing proving that this fusion of engineering expertise has a marked impact on the ease of cut and blade durability. Thanks to these developments, the C.K tools Redline VDE Side Cutters require up to 18 per cent less force than other leading brands, making them the best on the market.

To put this in context, the average pressure saving to make a cut is 74 Newton meters with an average electrician making over 10,000 cuts per year – resulting in a personal saving of over 75 tons of pressure!

The new, ground breaking features of the C.K tools Side Cutters enable retailers to provide electricians with the tools to finish a job quicker and easier to high, professional standards. Ensuring maximum comfort in use, ergonomically designed high grip handles, which, combined with leading cutting performance, prevent health issues that can come with using lower quality tools, such as trigger finger and repetitive strain injuries.

With safety at the fore, C.K tools Redline VDE Side Cutters benefit from VDE certification, individually tested to 10,000V, providing professional electricians with total peace of mind and safety when dealing with electricity.

Charles Whitfield, New Product Development Manager for Carl Kammerling International, commented: β€œAt Carl Kammerling we are always looking to improve the performance of our products to bring speed and efficiency to our tradesmen. In addressing this, our range of RedLine VDE Side Cutters have been developed to improve the sharpness and precision of the cutting jaw, significantly reducing the amount of force required by the user. This will revolutionise the way professional electricians work as they can cut through wire with greater speed, efficiency and less force.”

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