Dunlop CF-24 Flexible Tile Adhesive is a new slow-set tile adhesive with reduced slip and extended open time for those difficult tiling jobs, or when tiling jobs in hot or humid conditions.

Introduced as part of Available in Grey and White, it has a pot life of 5 hours and an open time of 30 minutes on the wall or floor. It is suitable for grouting in 24 hours.

Water resistant, it can be used internally or externally in dry or wet areas (tank with an appropriate waterproofing system).

Because it is flexible, it is perfect for use with underfloor or undertile heating systems where they are encased with an appropriate levelling compound such as Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller.

This product replaces Floor and Wall Plus Tile Adhesive and Flexible Slowset Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive as part of Dunlop’s streamlining of its powdered tile adhesive range.

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