That is enough water to fill 158 Olympic sized swimming pools EVERY DAY or to put it another way, enough water is leaking from toilets in the UK to fill over 4 MILLION baths EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is a huge amount of wasted water.

According to the recent Leaky Loo report around 4.1% of all toilets in the UK are leaking, that equates to around 1.5 million toilets!

As responsible organisations’ it is our responsibility to help to stop this flow of wasted water.
How can we reduce the number of leaky loos? The majority of leaky loo’s leak from either the inlet or outlet valve so fitting water saving products to your toilets like our delay fill Dudley Hydroflo inlet valve or our market leading Dudley Turbo Edge toilet syphon will help to reduce the number of leaking toilets you have.

By doing this you will not only save water but will potentially save a bucket full of money!

Fitting water saving products into your toilets is an assured way to reduce the number of leaky loos you have; it will also help to protect the environment and save you money with less wasted water and reduced call out costs for engineers.

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