An Englishman’s home is still his castle…except an Englishman now prefers to pay a professional to do their home improvements for them.

Despite the home improvement market growing, statistics show the appetite for DIY is falling. According to Euromonitor, traditional DIY skills are being lost, as younger consumers have had little DIY training from the previous generation and they lack the confidence to undertake even basic DIY tasks. When faced with the choice of either spending the weekend working on a DIY project or enjoying a social life, more and more homeowners are opting for the relaxing option.

Furthermore, research from Lloyds bank shows on average 3.3m bodged DIY tasks need to be put right by a paid professional per year, which explains why more consumers are opting for Do it For Me to save time, hassle and cost.

The growing number of homeowners calling in professionals when they want home improvements doing is providing a solid opportunity for trade professionals to promote their services and, in turn, provide merchants with the opportunity to increase sales in 2016 and beyond.

Paul Lerigo is marketing director at Richard Burbidge.