Merchants can now learn about Saniflo’s products and how to install them online.

The pump, macerators and shower cubicle manufacturer is working with Cortexa, which provides product and technical training.

They have created two free e-learning modules available via desktop, iPad, and smartphone apps with animations.

These cover Saniflo’s professional domestic product ranges. The modules are proving popular, with more than 1,000 completed so far this year by merchants.

In the Professional Range module, merchants can learn in depth about the following products: Sanispeed, Sanicom 1, Sanicom 2, Sanicondens, Sanicondens Pro, Sanibest Pro, Sanicubic 1, Sanicubic 2 Pro, Sanicubic 2 XL and the Sanifos 500.

The module explains product features and benefits and gives detailed installation advice. At the end there are eight questions and a 75% pass rate is required, otherwise merchants are invited to try the module again.

For the Domestic Range, featured products include Saniflo Up, Saniplus Up, Sanipack Pro Up, Sanivite+, Sanishower+ and Sanifloor. At the end there are ten questions and a pass rate of 70% is required. Once again, if merchants do not pass, they can try again.

Saniflo UK Head of Marketing and Product Development Ann Boardman said: “Saniflo has always been an advocate of e-learning.

“It is important to keep the industry informed of product developments, and all Saniflo e-learning materials are designed to make the lives of industry professionals easier, helping them to specify the right product for any application.

“Our e-learning modules are proving popular, which is testimony to the industry’s willingness to provide the best service possible to the market.