BLANTYRE: Sales at the Electric Heating Company (EHC) have risen 28% in July compared to the same month in 2008. 

EHC, which supplies a range of market leading electric heating and hot water solutions (from electric boilers to unvented hot water cylinders, electric radiators and electric towel rails, wet system radiators and towel rails) has seen retail sales grow as well as an increase in commercial contracts and trade sales.

EHC's new generation of electric water heaters which deliver instant hot water at 100% efficiency have attracted enormous interest as they produce impressive energy savings.

"We've had a sharp increase in the number of enquiries," says Director David Lee. "And most of these are turning into sales. People are turning to electric heating from traditional heating solutions because it is cost effective, fully controllable and energy efficient. We see this trend continuing as more people see the benefit of installing electric heating solutions."