The long-term savings offered by the government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has the potential to revolutionise home efficiency, says Ebac.

The air-source heat pump company, which entered the market last year, says the recently launched household scheme means homeowners now have a stronger incentive to go green.

“Extending the RHI into households is a great way of getting homeowners involved in the push to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, by providing a more financially rewarding incentive to use sources of renewable energy, such as air-source heat pumps,” said Tony Hird, Ebac’s business development director.

“Until now, the short-term stop provision of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment voucher scheme has been available, but a scheme that takes greater consideration into the longer-term benefits and rewards green homeowners more financially will give greater encouragement to people to make a big change in their homes. Air-source heat pumps, correctly installed and designed for the UK climate, provide efficiencies of more than 400% and give homeowners a chance to safeguard against fuel prices, which are only going to increase.

“By creating an environment in which people feel renewable energy is more accessible to homeowners, it can help revolutionise home energy efficiency.”

Ebac is initially offering a 5kw model in a space-saving compact version and also a 9kw model for larger properties in both a standard and compact range. All models have achieved MCS accreditation.