Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new mobile display vehicle to help carry the renewable message to the furthest reaches of the country, and bring the benefits of low running costs and reduced emissions to even more off-gas households.

The launch of the specially designed van is timely as it coincides with the announcement on the new domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), which aims to encourage the public to install environmentally friendly heating systems by making a payment for every kWh of renewable heat produced.

The vehicle opens out to provide an instant exhibition area, allowing the company to show off the key benefits of its air source heat pump technology.

Now in its fourth generation, Ecodan is being used in all sorts of homes, from high-rise flats to detached executive homes.

“Ecodan is particularly attractive to off-gas properties relying on expensive oil, LPG or direct electric, so we wanted to come up with a way to help reach these audiences,” explained Graham Temple, marketing communications manager for the Ecodan range.

“Ecodan can significantly reduce running costs for these households and provide more security as homes no longer have to rely on an oil tanker getting through in bad weather when they need their heating most. Now these homes could also receive a regular payment through RHI.”

The interior display of the van includes a 5kW Ecodan monobloc and a 4kW Ecodan split system, a fourth-generation (FTC-4) Hydrobox and FTC-4 Packaged Cylinder, all of which allow Mitsubishi Electric to demonstrate the advanced controllability of the Ecodan range.

The display vehicle will visit county fairs, exhibitions, festivals and local renewable shows, as well as visiting housing associations and local authorities.

Mr Temple concluded: “With the details of the RHI scheme now released by DECC, we expect interest in Ecodan to increase, especially in off-gas areas because of the high levels of efficiency, combined with the ease of installation and operation.”

Further information can be found at or by calling 01707 282880.