Quickslide explains why soundproofing the home through windows is a great choice for many homeowners as well as the materials that manufacturers can use to prevent noise pollution

The windows and doors of a property are only replaced a couple of times in its lifetime, making the decision of choosing the perfect fixtures even more important.

It is key to consider the qualities that new fixtures offer to enhance day to day life, such as extra security while adding value to the home and the need for soundproofing.

Here, we discuss how soundproofing the home through windows is a great choice for many homeowners as well as the materials that manufacturers can use to prevent noise pollution.

When purchasing new windows, the option to customise the specification to match certain requirements is often available, but it can be daunting to choose the materials and specs without research. The types of style, colour, hardware and glass type needs to be considered depending on the benefits desired.

Windows and doors from Quickslide offer standard air-filled double-glazed glass units as well as several different options including argon gas-filled and acoustic laminated glass. Typically, standard glass is only chosen for a quiet environment with little outside noise like rural locations where noise pollution is not an issue.

What is the best glass for soundproofing?

Acoustic laminated glass is a great option for homeowners looking to reduce the noise pollution within the home. Laminated glass is made up of two 3mm pieces of glass which are put together with a noise reducing interlayer that is 0.8mm thick. With the addition of acoustic laminated glass, external noise will be significantly reduced on the inside.

The design of the windows and doors allows the glass to control sound by reflecting it back towards the source and by absorbing the noise energy within it.

Benefits of acoustic laminated glass

Unless you live in a very quiet area, noise pollution from external factors is likely to be a part of everyday life, particularly within a city or near heavily trafficked areas. Investing in acoustic laminated glass will help to reduce the sound levels entering the home which in turn will help make it as peaceful as possible. This can help boost general well-being and reduce stress, that is known to be brought on by noise.

A study by the World Health Organisation[1] suggests that excessive noise including that from heavy traffic can seriously harm human health and interfere with activities at school, at work and even at home where it can disturb your sleep and change your social behaviour.

The benefits of acoustic laminated glass are vast, so the more expensive cost of this material compared to standard glass are worth the investment for the years to come and are a great choice or builders to use when installing fixtures for new builds.

By choosing this effective noise cancelling glass for windows, such as PVCu sash windows, doors or both, the home will become a more relaxing and enjoyable place to be.


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