A recent YouGov poll by Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland has found that 54% of UK homeowners consider energy efficient improvements to the home a top priority.

Over half of respondents indicated that in the next three to five years, making their homes more energy efficient was a priority for them. Sixty-one percent were over the age of 60 – a group most at risk from the effects of fuel poverty, with cold homes increasing the incidents of flu, chest infections and high blood pressure.

Mark Weaver, project director for retrofit at Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland, said: “The UK’s housing stock is one of the poorest in Europe in terms of energy efficiency, so it is promising to see a growing desire from UK homeowners to improve the energy performance of their homes for years to come. Not only will measures such as double-glazing and insulation help people out of fuel poverty, they will improve the comfort levels in the home.

“Saint-Gobain’s findings demonstrate the requirement for the construction industry to deliver comprehensive retrofit solutions to meet the growing demand, but long-term drivers that create a stable environment from government are needed to ensure this is possible, while raising awareness of the benefits of doing so.”