Over 200 members of staff from ventilation manufacturer EnviroVent took part in a community day recently, volunteering on projects in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Nidderdale.

The company worked together in teams of 10 to 15 people to carry out various projects across the local area. This included clearing the gardens at Horticap, community singing for the elderly people with Dementia Forward, a charity car wash for Saint Michael’s Hospice, preparing a sunflower garden for the hospice as well as promoting the charity’s upcoming You’re Inspired corporate challenge, raising money for the homeless with a nearly new sale, litter picking and clearing the gardens at Fountains Abbey and creating arts and crafts to sell at Henshaws’ Arts & Crafts centre in Knaresborough.

EnviroVent arranged the activities as part of the Investors in the Community initiative that brings together individuals, businesses and good causes in order to provide a positive impact on society.

Andy Makin, managing director of EnviroVent, said: “It was absolutely wonderful to be able to give our time to a number of local community projects. We are very much about our values, our commitment to each other and also to the wider community and we also had great fun on the day! Our staff found it very rewarding and motivational and it is great that we were able to help to make a difference for so many people in the community.”