Monika Slowikowska picked up the Best Woman Contractor award in The European Women in Construction and Engineering Awards.

The event took place on Thursday 24 May at the Royal Lancaster in London. It celebrated women in construction – who make up just 11% of the UKs construction workforce, and only 2% in manual as opposed to office roles.

Slowikowska is Polish and did not speak any English when she first arrived to the UK. She is now Managing Director and Founder of construction company Golden Houses. She described her win as a “victory for women”, who “bring a lot” to the construction industry.

She said: "This a humbling but very proud moment for me. I believe that better people make better businesses, and I combined this approach with my construction experience to start a successful company.

"I hope that this award means I can continue creating fantastic developments while mentoring other women in the field and helping them believe in their capabilities.

"Golden Houses Developments presents a new attitude in construction, where conflict is resolved smoothly and the team’s energy is channelled into delivering superb work on time and on budget.

"I believe in inspiring my team to uphold the highest standards in everything that they do."