ANGLESEY: Huws Gray has received the ‘gold standard’ in sustainable timber by achieving Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification on machined softwood products for its 30+ branch network, covering North Wales and the North West of England.

Its certification was announced on Friday 25 September – the first international ‘FSC Friday’, held by the global Forest Stewardship Council to celebrate and promote sustainable forest management and its resulting products.

“Builders, local authorities and housing associations increasingly require certified timber,” says Huws Gray business development manager Dafydd Williams. “In many purchasers’ minds, the FSC system offers the best guarantee of truly sustainable timber and wood products. FSC chain of custody means that Huws Gray customers can now obtain a core range of machined softwood products from our branches as far apart as Burscough and Bolton in North West England, through Manchester and Liverpool to Telford in the east, and in Wales from Holyhead in and Prestatyn in the north to Tywyn in the south.”

Huws Gray were assisted in preparing for FSC certification by SCA Timber Supply, whose sustainable forests passed a decade of FSC forest management certification earlier this year. SCA’s environment and quality assurance manager, Bob Bastow, comments: “Many pre-qualification tendering questionnaires for local authority and housing association work for details of timber certification amongst the required environmental and social criteria. In today’s tough market it’s even more important for merchants like Huws Gray to give themselves every possible chance when competing for this valuable business.”

Huws Gray is the latest NBG member to achieve FSC chain of custody certification under SCA’s continuing programme of assistance to its merchant customers, helping them to optimise their business potential.