Carl Kammerling International has introduced four new products to its range of Avit toolbox essentials.

Targeted at all trades and keen ‘DIYers’, the new additions comprise Latex Disposable Gloves, a Sealant Gun, a Cotton Dust Sheet and Filling Knife. All items are designed to be simple but effective supporting accessories that will suit all users.

Lightweight Latex Disposable Gloves allow the user to retain agility in the hands when working, while offering great protection. Their pre-powdered interior means they can quickly be slipped on and off, whilst ambidextrous fit means any glove can be worn on either hand. A beaded cuff ensures a reduced risk of tearing.

Holding up to 400ml cartridges, the Sealant Gun includes a nozzle cleaner to prevent build-up of the product, resulting in a cleaner finish.

Constructed from 100% cotton twill, the highly absorbent 12 x 9ft Cotton Dust Sheet provides increased protection for furniture and flooring. For added convenience, it is also machine washable, making it re-usable and long lasting.

The hardened stainless steel blade of the Filling Knife gives this essential tool lasting durability and great flexibility – important for achieving a smooth finish.

To help increase retailers’ profit margins, Avit has introduced a launch deal on these products, where retailers can receive an extra 10% discount if their order consists of at least three units of the Cotton Dust Sheet, and six units of each of the other products. The offer will run until 2 May 2014.

Lisa Richardson, brand manager at Avit, said: “The products included in the new range are high-quality essentials that have universal appeal, providing a great sales opportunity to our trade customers.

“We are always looking to extend what is already a popular range to ensure we are producing products that wholly fit the requirements of our stockists and their customers.”

For further information please visit or call 01758 704704.