Price can be a sticking point for many end-users before taking the plunge to buy a FEIN power tool, especially after having used competitor machines for months or years beforehand.

JP Schoonbrood, owner of an automotive tuning/machining workshop recently debated whether or not he should invest in a FEIN straight grinder.

Having already used no less than four different branded straight grinders, JP recently signed up to test the FEIN model, putting the machine through its paces with heavy-duty applications.

Following his tests with the FEIN tool, JP said: “Overall, I am left very impressed by the tool. Despite my misgivings about the machine’s price tag, it has saved me time in terms of repair and its durability throughout the weeks. It has more than earned its value back in my eyes.”

FEIN offers 10 machines within its range of straight grinders. The GSZ 280-8 PEL delivers 410W output, with variable speeds ranging from 8500 - 28,000 RPM. The machine has an RRP of £478.