Over the past 50 years, FEIN has invented several brands of the oscillating multi-tool, as well as a raft of industry technologies for both the tool and associated accessories.

Apart from the reputation for ‘Made in Germany’ quality, durability and reliability, the unique selling point of the current range of machines is the anti-vibration technology, which is incorporated into all (but the entry level corded machines) including the FEIN cordless oscillating range.

Now that the industry understands more about how vibration and noise can (over a period of time) affect the health of the user, FEIN has developed an anti-vibration system that reduces the HAV by 70% and the noise level by 50% against the previous version.

All FEIN accessories in its current range can be used for up to eight hours a day and the user will still be under the daily limit for exposure to vibration.

The FEIN Starlock accessories can be used on all other manufacturers Outright Monetary Transactions’ and can even enhance the performance of their machine.