Offer customers the complete water treatment solution when they face dirty, problematic systems that require a fast-acting, high performance cleaner, by adding Fernox Power Cleaner F8 to your range.

Fernox Power Cleaner F8 is a powerful citric acid-based cleaner designed to remove corrosion, scale and other debris in heavily contaminated, sludged central heating systems; to restore and maintain optimum efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdown. Fast-acting, this new formulation, heavy-duty, powerful cleaner includes a superior concentration of key active ingredients, meaning just one, easy to use 500ml bottle can tackle even the dirtiest central heating systems in over 97% of UK homes.

Ideal for retrofit scenarios and boiler swap outs, where existing systems suffer from corrosion and scale and need to be thoroughly cleaned, Power Cleaner F8 sits alongside  the universal Fernox Cleaner F3 (which is suitable for new and lightly sludged systems) and DS40 Descaler and Cleaner (which tackles systems suffering from limescale build-up). Power Cleaner F8 accelerates and aids the cleaning process and is suitable for use when powerflushing or doing a manual or magnetic clean. This high strength cleaner is non-foaming which means installers require less time on-site to remove residual cleaner from the system. Its pH neutral formulation also means that, despite its high strength capability to take out sludge and scale from system water, no follow up neutraliser product is required - so it is faster to use than other citric acid-based formulations.

Each 500ml bottle of Power Cleaner F8 includes a high concentration of key active ingredients, meaning that just one, convenient to use, 500ml bottle can treat central heating systems up to 130 litres (16 single radiators) or 250m2 of an underfloor heating system – so one bottle can clean larger systems.

Power Cleaner F8 is a powerful pH neutral cleaner compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems and is developed for use with Fernox market leading inhibitor products, ensuring the best results are achieved quickly.

Richard Crisp, Head of Chemistry at Fernox said: “We are constantly striving to make sure that our product range is comprehensive and offers quality, high performance products so that merchants can provide installers with everything they need - and installers can have confidence that the Fernox brand always delivers the right product for the job.

“Adding the new Power Cleaner F8 to the range enables merchants to offer their customers a cleaning solution to tackle any scenario. By including a neutralised citric acid to the formula, this pH neutral cleaner is a powerful and fast-acting chemical solution. It is easy to dose into central heating systems and works to ensure they run efficiently, as well as preventing any existing sludge or debris reaching and depositing in the boiler and causing lasting damage. Power Cleaner F8 will sit alongside Fernox Cleaner F3 (available in 265ml, 500ml and Express versions) and DS40 Descaler and Cleaner.”

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