Firebird Heating Solutions have developed and launched the UK’s first oil fired condensing boiler with Blue Flame technology for the domestic heating market. Getting ahead of forthcoming NOx emission target regulations, Firebird has produced the most energy efficient domestic oil fired boiler in Europe.

The Firebird Enviromax Blue Supreme meets the exacting standards of the Eco Design Directive in higher efficiencies and low NOx emissions. Not only are they the most efficient boilers in their class but they also surpass by a considerable margin the intended NOx targets. The new European standard is currently anticipated to set maximum NOx levels at 120mg/kW hour when it comes into effect. This compares with Firebird’s field test results with the Enviromax Blue Supreme achieving an impressive level of just 65mg/kW hour.

Firebird Enviromax Blue Supreme Slimline Heatpac

Firebird R&D engineers have brought over 35 years of oil heating system experience to bear on the development of the Enviromax Blue Supreme condensing oil boiler, which features innovative combustion technology. SAP 2009 Annual Efficiency Ratings of 93.4% have been achieved by designing in a patented high efficiency heat recovery unit in conjunction with the boiler secondary heat exchanger that pre-warms the air required for combustion.

The boiler is available in three models, kitchen, boilerhouse and external heatpac with two fixed outputs (20 and 26kW). The Enviromax Blue Supreme is easy to operate, is ErPD ready and even exceeds the next round of the ECO Design directive on proposed NOx emission levels.

Whilst highly innovative, the principles are simple. Heating oil is atomised at high pressure before being mixed with pre warmed air and ignited. Hot combustion gases are then re-circulated through the burner blast tube through a specially designed slot which in turn concentrates the burner flame in one area and reduces the overall NOx levels. The result is a BLUE FLAME that produces perfect soot free combustion along with reduced consumption of heating oil and the lowest possible emissions.

The burner, manufactured by the German engineering company MHG GmbH, incorporates a digital control box to give diagnostic information to the maintenance engineer should a fault occur, making the maintenance process simple and efficient. For the end user the digital controls have a range of benefits which will help achieve the most out of their heating appliance including burner run time, pump overrun and anti-cycling features

Firebird are also currently running a series of training courses to familiarise installers and service engineers with the commissioning and set up of the Blue Flame burner in preparation for the product availability in September.

The Enviromax Blue Supreme is another addition to the Firebird portfolio which includes oil condensing boilers, Biomass boilers, solar thermal systems, oil fired and multi-fuel range cookers and multi-fuel inset stoves, making Firebird Heating Solutions a major player in the UK’s heating market.