Three generations of the Luton-based Smith family have racked up almost 150 years of service for Gibbs & Dandy.

Most recently, Steve Smith, has just retired from his role at Gibbs & Dandy having spent almost five decades with the company.

Joining as a 17-year-old back in 1972, Smith kick-started his long career alongside his father and grandfather, working in the Luton branch’s tool department, with all three going on to register 40-plus years of service.

On reaching their quarter-century milestones, each family member received a gold watch from senior management, with Smith being awarded his accolade by both John Dandys, direct descendants of the original founders William and Percy Dandy.

Remembering his first job after leaving school, Smith said: “I originally worked in the tool department – at the time, I was a school-leaver and had seen my dad and grandad have successful careers at Gibbs & Dandy, so it felt great to get cracking with the job.

“Times have definitely changed since I joined Gibbs & Dandy. However the family feeling, and friendly camaraderie has always remained a constant, as it was right back to when my grandad first joined back in the 1920s.”

During Smith’s time, a number of other family members worked for Gibbs & Dandy, including his cousins and uncle.

Employee longevity is nothing new to Gibbs & Dandy, with the number of employees achieving over 25 years of service with the business set to reach 80 by the end of this year.

Andy Boileau, Managing Director of Gibbs & Dandy, said: “Achieving a half century of service is fantastic, but for a family to gather almost 150 years of service between them is an incredible achievement.

“Our people have helped shape our company over the years, and without them, the company wouldn’t be what it is today, so it’s great to see fellow employees working with us for such long durations.”

Pictured: Both John Dandys with Steve Smiths Grandfather.