BOSTON: Finnforest invited members of the trade press to submit ideas for New Year seasonal cocktails expressly designed for timber merchants. The company is offering these exclusive recipes to merchants with best wishes for the New Year.

Finnforest was surprised by the sheer amount of entries and, from a huge list, carefully selected its winners for 2011. The company then enlisted the assistance of a professional ‘mixologist’ who was tasked with creating suitable concoctions to suit merchants’ discerning palates.

The winner was Moomin Madness – Moomins being the central troll characters in a series of books and a comic strip by Swedish-Finn illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. To create this cocktail, the mixologist cut an eighth of an orange, quarter of a lemon and half a lime in to small pieces and then muddled them together with 25ml of Cointreau in a 12oz rocks glass. Then fill the glass with crushed ice, top up with vodka, cover the glass and shake the mixture together. Serve with two short straws.

In second place was the Splinter – a sharp drink for a cold climate. To create it, the mixologist cut a 30cm length of lemon peel and spiralled around the inside of a 12oz highball glass using ice to hold in position. Shake together 30ml Blue Curaçao, 25ml gin, 20ml Archers and 15ml of lemon juice. Strain into the highball glass and top up with ginger beer.

In third place was A Grabbin' in the Cabin – a saucy cocktail for the weekend. Shake together, 25ml vodka, 15ml amaretto, 12ml peach liqueur, 40ml cranberry juice, 30ml orange juice, 10ml Grenadine and pour into a 14oz highball glass. Stir together 40ml double cream with 15ml Cointreau. Carefully layer the cream mixture on to the surface of the drink and then dust with ground nutmeg.