Lidget Compton highlights several ways that homeowners can enhance and upgrade outdoor and garden areas to add value to a home

Before selling a home, many homeowners choose to declutter, clean and upgrade features to increase curb appeal, which can sometimes lead to a welcome overall increase in value.

It is equally as important to make sure the exterior of the home is also upgraded and cared for, from the garage, to the front and back gardens, all outside areas are important to keep in good shape to close a sale and increasing interest from potential buyers.

Here are several ways that homeowners enhance and upgrade outdoor and garden areas of a property to add value to a home.    

Invest in an outdoor building

With 82%[1] of property professionals claiming that a shed is the feature that will add the most value to a home, this is a popular upgrade that is worth investing in for a brilliant ROI.

Outdoor buildings can offer many uses, from storage sheds, workshops and even office space, there is the opportunity for unlimited ways to use a second building sectional garage from Lidget Compton is a great option for traditional car storage or for using as a space that a home may not have room to include, such as a home office or gym.

To fit all needs and property sizes, there is a selection of garages in different shapes, styles and size options available to adapt to each home.

Incorporate a social space

An outdoor social space is also a great option to incorporate into a garden for a more open, inclusive feel. Outdoor furniture such as sofas, hammocks and fire pits have grown in popularity over the years and extend the indoor home into the outdoors with style.

Alternatively, a classic table and chairs can offer a simple yet open outdoor social space while offering a stylish aesthetic if there is limited outdoor space available.

Prune your greenery

Experts have found that a well-kept garden can add up to £2,000[2] in value to a home, so investing in greenery such as shrubs, plants and trees will instantly upgrade the curb appeal of the home.

Popular plants and flowers such as fuchsias and hydrangeas add seasonal colour, while evergreen shrubs such as lavender and euonymus are easy to maintain and will make a garden look beautiful all year round.

While all gardens need pruning, it takes little effort to keep such garden additions looking good. Keep essential gardening equipment such as a wheelbarrow, trowel and spades readily available for keeping on top of everyday gardening to maintain a pleasing aesthetic.

Create a focal point

Focal points direct the eye towards a specific area, such as a water feature, social space or botanical display, which can make a garden appear more expensive and luxurious - which is even better if the focal point of a garden costs less than it looks.

Often, repainting garden furniture or curating a floral feature using spare pots, compost and seeds can upgrade the garden which can cost very little or is sometimes free.

Add paved surfaces or decking

By adding levels and textures to a garden, this creates great aesthetic appeal for visitors or potential buyers to enjoy.

Decking, paving stones or gravel are often included within gardens to separate the green, grassy areas from the social area such as a patio.

The presentation of the garden is just as important as the home’s interior, with the addition of paved or decked surfaces creating zones and act as transitions to add variety to an outdoor space.