A new radio station dedicated to tradespeople will be giving out 20,000 bacon butties to builders after it launches later this month.

From Wednesday 26 April, Fix Radio will be sending three branded vans to 1,400 building sites over 40 days, serving free hot food and promoting the new station.

Fix Radio will be launched by a mystery celebrity connected to the building trade, who will press the button to play the first song.

The breakfast show will be presented by Trev and Ben – Trevor Smith and Ben Harmer – who join from community radio in Croydon, Surrey. Their show will also feature a daily wind-up call from former Capital Radio star Steve Penk.

Veteran presenter Paul Baker will present the afternoon show and is also Fix Radio's programme director.

There will also be a daily sport and music show at lunchtimes hosted by TV and radio sports presenter Ian Payne from ITV and LBC.

Fix Radio is already working with some high-profile trade brands.

In addition to its DAB broadcasting, Fix Radio will be targeting larger building sites by playing in their canteens, giving a guaranteed listenership of 4,000 tradespeople from the start.

Chief executive Louis Timpany said: "The launch of Fix Radio is the culmination of 18 months of fundraising, research and development. We're very excited to see it all come together at last."

Fix Radio will provide music and banter aimed at bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, roofers, painters and decorators, whether they work on site or in people's homes.

Mr Timpany, 24, came up with the idea after working on a building site to earn extra cash after university.

London and building trade news will be provided by Radio News Hub and The Met Office will supply specially targeted and detailed weather forecasts which are vital for tradespeople working outdoors.