With the CaberFix floor fixing range, there are six different products avalible. Each floor fixing product is fully BBA-approved, guaranteeing 42 days of exposure to weather and on-site construction when used with CaberDek.

Having undergone comprehensive independent tests, the CaberFix range has been specifically developed for use with Norbord’s flooring products.

Products in this range include CaberFix D3 T&G (a water-resistant PVA D3 glue), CaberFix Joint&Joist (a PU adhesive and sealant) and CaberFix tape (a polyethylene-coated cloth tape for sealing CaberDek perimeters to walls).

Norbord also offers CaberFix X-Treme Tape, a highly-durable, scuff resistant acrylic tape. Its super strong acrylic adhesive means it bonds well in damp conditions, and does not lift when wet.

For those working with CaberDek, there is the CaberFix Pro kit. This powerful sealing and fixing system is made up of CaberFix T&G adhesive, CaberFix Joint&Joist adhesive and CaberFix tape – each pack specifically designed to cover 50m2 of CaberDek board.