Rust can affect your tools while in storage, making them unusable over time, expensive to replace and a general hindrance. Stadium Building Products, a division of Flambeau, offers the perfect solution to these rust problems.

Flambeau Zerust is an advanced technology that creates a vapour shield around any valuable tools or parts stored in your toolboxes. Flambeau Zerust stops rust and corrosion for up to five years and is an odourless, non-toxic vapour which is maintenance-free.

Stadium’s Brute series toolboxes are now available with Flambeau Zerust moulded directly into the plastic. Manufactured to the highest quality, Stadium’s Brute series tongue-and-groove design keeps water from leaking into the box and enhances durability. These boxes are lockable, non-conductive, and resist most common chemicals.

With competitive pricing and excellent margins of up to 50%, and backed by a low minimum order quantity, these products are in stock and can be delivered to you by the next working day. Look for Stadium’s complete line of Flambeau Zerust products, which include toolboxes, utility boxes, draw liners, capsules and Plastabs.

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