Fortress Distribution is now the exclusive UK wholesale distributor for the US brand Black Mamba range of gloves.

In direct response to calls from customers, for tougher more resilient gloves that withstand the rigours their jobs require, Delta Medical Systems Inc developed a new range of gloves under the Black Mamba brand. Offering vital protection for hands, the range consists of both disposable and non-disposable work gloves designed to meet the requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors.

After enjoying significant success across the US, Black Mamba Gloves are now available in the UK through wholesale distributor Fortress Distribution. Tom Brooks, VP of Sales and Marketing for Black Mamba Gloves, US, commented: “Black Mamba Gloves has emerged as an industry leader in creating hand protection for those in need of tough and reliable gloves. It’s fantastic for us to be working with Fortress Distribution to bring our range of products to the United Kingdom. We are delighted with the demand that Fortress is already seeing for our gloves in the UK.”

The Black Mamba nitrile glove is tough and durable at over 6.0 mils thick offering a superior fit and better puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance than disposable vinyl or latex gloves. These ambidextrous gloves have a Grip Rite textured surface offering a secure and tactile grip whilst providing sensitivity for delicate, precise tasks. They are ideal for heating and plumbing, HVAC, automotive, manufacturing and construction industries as well as domestic applications with the added benefit that the colour helps to hide dirt, grime and grease to increase overall product lifetime and value. The gloves are available in sizes, small through 2XL with a regular length cuff at 245mm.

Fortress Distribution is receiving positive feedback from the growing number of customers switching to the Black Mamba Glove in the UK. It is now expanding its distribution range to include White Mamba latex disposable gloves and a non disposable range containing three different work gloves, a level five cut resistant glove, a foam nitrile dipped nylon glove and a polyurethane dipped nylon glove.

Other products in the range include Mamba Trax shoe covers, designed with service industry professionals in mind. Mamba Trax have the durability to last whilst protecting your workplaces carpet or hardwood flooring. The grip-rite trax provides better footing, while the elastic seams allows for an adjustable fit up to a size 14 work boot. Made from black 40 gram spun bound Polypropylene fibre these hard wearing shoe covers are designed to last much longer than conventional plastic ones.