A new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has been launched to provide more money for households carrying out energy efficiency improvements.

From June, people in England and Wales will be able to get up to £7,600 back through the scheme, which helps people to install energy efficiency measures such as solid wall insulation and new heating systems by providing them with money back on the contributions they make.

“The best way for households to take control of their energy bills is to use less energy,” said Energy & Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey. “Faulty boilers, draughty windows and insufficient insulation all cause properties to leak hundreds of pounds every year. But advice and support through the Green Deal can help put a stop to this.

“By installing energy-saving improvements, families across the country can enjoy the benefits of warmer, more energy-efficient homes and lower bills.”

Under the new incentive scheme, domestic energy customers can get:

  • Up to £1,000 for installing two measures from an approved list
  • Up to £6,000 for installing solid wall insulation
  • Up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment.

The scheme also entitles those who have bought a property in the 12 months prior to application to qualify for up to an additional £500 if they carry out energy efficiency improvements.

John Alker, director of policy and communications at the UK Green Building Council, welcomed the package of measures, saying they represent “a genuine attempt to rescue the Green Deal”.

He continued: “[The measures] show that government remains committed to home energy efficiency. The increased cash-back for solid wall insulation is particularly encouraging, following the cuts to ECO.

“But this isn’t ‘problem solved’ for the Green Deal. The scheme’s initial cash-back went unspent, so it’s important that history doesn’t repeat itself. While this new package will certainly help, government still needs to go further to make energy efficiency more attractive to consumers.”