Graham Plumbers’ Merchant has conducted its 14th Customer Score Survey with the results being extremely positive – and the highest score achieved to date.

The extensive survey asks recent customers to rate their experience and how likely they are to recommend the merchant. Previous surveys have helped Graham to react to requirements at a local level.

The survey of more than 3000 customers is based on the Net Promoter Score, which offers an accurate and comparable method of gauging what customers are thinking. Customers who had made recent purchases were contacted by telephone and asked to rate, on a scale of zero to 10, how likely they would be to recommend Graham to a friend or colleague.

A rating between zero and six signifies a negative response and a rating of nine or 10 is a very positive response. The overall results are then placed on a scale that runs from a score of -100, if all responses given were negative, to +100 if all the surveys came back positive.

While the average for a business is a score of around +16, Graham has achieved a score of +60.4, an increase from the previous score of +56.9 and the highest to date. This rating demonstrates a high level of customer satisfaction with the service they receive from Graham.

After collecting the scores, the Graham customer care team also ask its customers general questions around the merchant’s service, support, product offer and staff knowledge, to help determine why they gave certain feedback and in some cases, what Graham could do to improve upon it.

Dave Pollard, customer experience marketing manager at Graham, said: “The Customer Score is more than just a number and helps us to really move the business forward. The survey allows us to communicate with our customers, find out in which areas we excel and make improvements where necessary.

“We are delighted that our customers continue to rate our service so highly. Achieving the highest score so far shows the changes we have made following previous surveys have made a real difference to customer experiences. Ensuring customers are satisfied with our service and happy to recommend us to friends and colleagues is key to our continued success and growth as a business.”