Trinity Homes has appointed Graham to supply a range of plumbing and heating materials for sites across Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Located in Eastbourne, Trinity Homes focuses on the design and build of residential and affordable housing. The objective for Trinity Homes – whether working on its own properties, on behalf of other developers or Resident Social Landlords (RSLs) – is to achieve distinctive homes built to the highest standards.

Graham has an integral role to play in meeting this objective, and is currently supplying a range of plumbing and heating materials to three new Trinity Homes developments: Catts Hill in Rotherfield, consisting of 10 homes, Court Lodge in Hailsham, consisting of 14 homes, and Auckland House in Bexhill, consisting of 25 homes.

Marcus Cory, managing director at Trinity Homes, said: “We’ve enjoyed a successful partnership with Graham for over 10 years. Aside from the immediate supply of materials needed, the real benefit for us is that Graham provides knowledge and expertise across both traditional and renewable heating systems. Graham’s regional sales manager works closely with us, our sub-contractors and suppliers, to develop effective and well-designed heating systems. This is incredibly important as we have to ensure our developments meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and perform as expected in SAP assessments.”

Assisting with specifications and designs is an important part of the Graham offering, whether it is across plumbing, heating, bathroom materials or renewable solutions. The team works at a local level, drawing upon its family of local branches to ensure the needs of each customer is met.

“Each of our developments is bespoke – with a different set of requirements,” Mr Cory concluded. “The expertise Graham provides, and the collaborative approach they take working with key manufacturers for each project, ensures each one is a complete success.”