With this latest donation, Grant UK has effectively paid for more than a day’s worth of a missions.

Throughout 2021, the Grant UK team was busy raising more money for local charity, the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Following a series of virtual and physical fundraising events, the Company is thrilled to donate a further £15,000 to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance to support its life saving work.

Last year, despite the pandemic continuing to restrict some fundraising activities, the team at Grant UK once again did an excellent job raising money for the charity it has supported for over three years. A number of different initiatives were organised, some of which were online or remote events while others were able to take place more traditionally in person.

One of the events included Marching March, a step count challenge that encouraged the team to walk as many steps as they could, entering into competition with each other to see who could walk the furthest. Meanwhile, in June, a virtual race night with takeaway was organised and enjoyed from the comfort of everyone’s living rooms.

Later in the year, collections were made from bake sales, sweepstakes and the Company’s annual staff Christmas raffle which raised a record amount of money.

“We are so pleased to be presenting the Wiltshire Air Ambulance with this donation of £15,000,” said Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing at Grant UK. “Once again, the pandemic has been another challenging year for charities like the WAA so we hope our latest donation will help support its ongoing work which is so essential in the community. The Grant team has done a wonderful job fundraising for this worthy cause and we are looking forward to supporting the WAA throughout 2022.”

“We need to raise £4 million each year to continue flying and saving lives,” added Des Regan, Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s Senior Fundraising Manager. “We receive no regular direct Government funding or National Lottery grants, so rely on generous donations from the public and local businesses, such as Grant UK. Grant UK has effectively paid for more than a day’s worth of a missions so we can’t thank it enough for continuing its fantastic support of our charity.”