Green Deal assessments are continuing to help people make their homes more energy efficient, according to research published last week by the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

The research was conducted from a survey of 500 households that had a Green Deal assessment between 1 April and 30 June 2013. It found that 56% have already installed at least one energy efficiency measure, a further 6% are in the process of having instalments, and 19% said they intend to have something installed.

In addition, 78% of people said their Green Deal assessment was highly useful, 82% of people had confidence in the recommendations made by their assessor, and 72% of people said they would recommend a Green Deal assessment to friends and family.

The research also looked at how people pay for the work that follows a Green Deal assessment. Some are supported via the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), others are using savings or regular income, and an increasing number of households plan to use Green Deal finance, with 24% of those planning to install measures indicating they intend to take out a Green Deal Plan.

“It’s clear that Green Deal assessments are helping people to make their homes more energy efficient,” said Energy & Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey. “This is hugely encouraging and exactly what the Green Deal is designed to do.

“Some people are using Green Deal finance; others are paying in different ways – and of course people should do whatever works best for them.

“The Green Deal is a completely new, ambitious and long-term programme. It’s still early days but the results from this latest research really underline that people want to take action to make their homes warmer and more efficient, and to keep their bills down.”

Other key findings from the research include:

  • Sixty-one percent said their motivation for having an assessment was to save money on energy bills
  • Seventy-eight percent said it was clear which energy saving improvements were recommended during the assessment
  • Seventy-four percent said it was clear what the improvements would entail
  • Seventy-three percent said the next steps following an assessment were clear.

Energy & Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has further praised the Green Deal assessment scheme, following ECO statistics released last week.

“It is still early days for the new Green Deal market, but encouragingly over 71,000 Green Deal assessments have now been completed,” he said. “There is clearly growing consumer interest but crucially, assessments are also inspiring action – new research this week shows that 81% of households who had a Green Deal assessment said they have, are getting, or intend to install at least one energy-saving measure.

“Over 173,000 homes have now had Green Deal measures installed with the help of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

“As more companies join the market ahead of the winter, the Green Deal and ECO are increasingly providing consumers with a new range of choices and opportunities to keep their homes warm, cut energy waste and importantly help hard-working families with the cost of living.”