GreenWorks has evolved, rolling out a range of services to help its customers build more intelligently.

Originally created to provide training on sustainable building practices, energy efficient initiatives and renewable technology, GreenWorks has built on that experience and expanded its services.

With an understanding that the industry needs support in meeting the demands of evolving building regulations, particularly when adhering to energy performance regulations, the organisation has revolutionised its offering.

Software and services like FSAP, SAP assessments, Quantity Take-off, air tightness testing and acoustic testing are now the cornerstone of GreenWorks’ existence. Working with industry-leading partners, the focus is now on providing solutions that will help its customers bridge the gap between ‘as designed’ and ‘as built’.

GreenWorks has launched a new website to reflect its new services, which split into four key areas.

BuildWorks helps to ensure your build is compliant, through services such as FSAP by GreenWorks.

KnowledgeWorks is a portal for unbiased consultancy, regarding courses and training that can help you to build more intelligently.

ProductWorks highlights the latest sustainable, smart and innovative products to help clear the building solution confusion.

WorksforYou provides specialist services and support for self-builders.

Marcus Jefford, GreenWorks director, said: “The industry has evolved dramatically since we were first formed in 2011. The biggest change is that energy efficiency is embedded within regulation, which although positive for the future of the UK housing stock, it has caused complications with building compliance. Our aim at GreenWorks is to help bridge the gap between ‘as designed’ and ‘as built’, so that our customer’s projects are energy efficient, comfortable for the end-user to live in, and will also sail through the compliance hoops that are so important for providing quality buildings to UK residents.”