CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Latest research conducted by property specialists, movewithus, has revealed that developers are foreseeing a continued strategy of building on the green belt, with 55% of those surveyed expecting the level of development of greenbelt properties to increase by at least 10% over the next decade.

The research study, which questioned leading residential property developers across the UK, reported that 27% of respondents believed that there would be an increase in development of greenfield sites by 10%. A further 27% believed that development on such sites would increase by 20%. Around 33% thought greenfield development would remain the same.

Robin King, movewithus director, commented: "As pressure on local councils and the Government to meet housing demand rises, green belt sites will become increasingly vulnerable to development. 

"Although town planning policies prefer to re-use previously developed sites, land for building can be hard to find in the UK. Soon developers will have nowhere else to build except for greenfield sites."