Sika Everbuild has launched a brand-new highly versatile grab adhesive - Pinkgrip MS to expand its ever-popular Pinkgrip range with solutions to suit various application requirements.

Manufactured using the latest hybrid polymer technology, Pinkgrip MS brings together the application and performance benefits of both the original solvent-based Pinkgrip and solvent-free Pinkgrip SF products. And, as it is formulated with minimal solvents, it can be used freely on the increasing number of construction sites that now require low VOC products as standard.

It’s not just the fact that Pinkgrip MS’s low VOC formula makes it better for the environment and more pleasant to use. The new hybrid formula, which has been developed and rigorously tested by Sika Everbuild, also brings improved performance with very few application barriers. As well as increased weather resistance meaning it can be used both inside and out, Pinkgrip MS will stick virtually any two materials together – making it a versatile and reliable grab adhesive for projects demanding high performance.

Pinkgrip MS, much like Pinkgrip and Pinkgrip SF, offers an exceptional bond strength for a robust, long-lasting finish and can be used for multiple applications. All three products which make up the Pinkgrip range are designed to meet the requirements of different projects.

Victor Rodrigues, product manager at Sika Everbuild commented: “We’re proud of our original Pinkgrip product, which has become a firm favourite with the trade since its introduction almost two decades ago. So, it was very important to us to retain the original products while expanding the range and providing a new low VOC option to meet the latest criteria for building products used on certain sites.

“What we’re doing here is offering our customers a choice, to pick the Pinkgrip which suits them depending on their individual project and site requirements. We are committed to continuous product innovation and development to make sure our products meet the high standards our customers expect in terms of application, performance and lifecycle and Pinkgrip MS is an excellent example of this in practice.”

Pinkgrip MS is available in 290ml cartridge, Pinkgrip in a 350ml cartridge and Pinkgrip SF in a larger 380ml cartridge. All three products are available in the distinctive pink shade while Pinkgrip SF also comes in white.  

To find out more about Sika Everbuild’s extensive range of products, please visit or contact your local sales representative.