Grohe has published its third sustainability report, which outlines the brand’s continued commitment and efforts to sustainability, covering all aspects from business model and products to processes, employees and suppliers.

The newly published report shows that Grohe has been able to reduce its water consumption in production by 38.7% compared to 2014, not only significantly exceeding its original target of 20%, but also achieving it ahead of schedule.

With projects such as the Less Plastic Initiative launched in 2018, the brand has also set itself the goal of eliminating plastic from its packaging. As a result, up until June 2021, 32 million pieces of plastic packaging have already been saved.

The report also provides a look at sustainability management at Grohe and the successes of recent years. In 2019, for example, 21,306 tonnes of the main materials used in the production process were recycled materials – a weight comparable to more than 106 blue whales. In this way waste is avoided, and, in the end, water that would be needed to produce new materials is also saved.

Building on the sustainability measures its implemented in recent years, the company has launched "Cradle to Cradle® variants" of four of the brand’s best-selling products, which means they have been tested for the use of environmentally safe, healthy and recyclable materials. The brand is also working on take-back processes for its discarded C2C products.