Kudos Showering Products is marking its 20th year of trading with ambitious growth plans for the business.

Last year the company invested in two new Directors for the business, Mark Hill as Managing Director and Nick Graville as Sales and Marketing Director.

Kudos also invested in new machinery, an expanded warehouse facility and production improvements plus a host of new products to be launched throughout 2019.

Hill said: “Bruce appointed myself and Nick Graville in early 2018. He knew the company had built a reputation for brilliantly engineered, well tested products but had the foresight to recognise that for the business to achieve its growth potential he had to invest in the right management skillset.

My skillset is in finance, process, change management and continual improvement and, with the hard work of everyone in the team, we have transformed our operations processes over 2018 using 5S, lean six Sigma and continous improvement principles to deliver some great efficiency improvements for the business.”

Chairman Bruce Ledwith added: “The new management team identified many efficiency gains for the business and very quickly made some great workflow improvements. 2018 culminated in an investment to move all our shower tray production to our facility in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, freeing space for a new 40,000 sq ft finished goods warehouse, situated in an expanded facility two miles down the road from our production unit.

“This move alone has enabled us to pass on efficiency savings by reducing the price of our new Connect2 shower trays to our customers. I am delighted to see the lean improvements made in such a short time by the whole team, it is affording me the luxury of focussing on my skillset of designing well engineered products for the market and Nick to sell them into our growing customer base. We are very positive for the future.”