Water-based gloss paint may be growing in popularity, but it can sometimes be difficult to achieve a truly professional finish. That’s where Hamilton comes in with not only the right tools for the job but also expert advice designed to deliver every time, now available in a new video on the company’s website, which can be found at: www.hamiltondecoratingtools.co.uk.

’Roll on lay off’ water-based gloss application

The video is clear, easy to understand and illustrates the best methodology to paint a panelled door using water-based gloss. Designed to acheive ’finish, coverage and durability’, the video details how to get a great finish with water-based gloss that is close to a traditional gloss finish by using a roller and laying off brush.

Firstly, a Hamilton Prestige Pure Synthetic Sash brush is used to paint the profiled door panels. Next, the video shows how to apply the paint using a Hamilton Prestige medium pile roller and lay off using the Prestige Laying off brush for the best finish. Although the paint can be applied using the roller alone, the ’roll on lay off’ method will give a higher level of gloss. Importantly, a second coat of paint will bring out a higher level of shine on the finish.

Brushing up on water-based gloss application

Of course a professional decorator may prefer to use a brush only. While a natural bristle brush remains the best option for solvent-based coatings, a synthetic brush will produce the finest finish with water-based gloss – and this also includes water-based trim paints such as Satinwood.

Hamilton’s synthetic brush options have been developed specifically for use with water-based paints, including water-based gloss, and offer distinct advantages to help decorators achieve the desired professional finish.

Most importantly, the synthetic filaments do not swell in water, which prevents tramlining and brushmarks. The synthetic filament does not wear as quickly as natural bristle, meaning that brushes last longer and there is less chance of filament loss.

Philippa Pawson, director of marketing at Hamilton, said: ”Our new video is a great point of reference for professional painters and decorators wanting to achieve a fantastic finish. We are determined to provide the best possible brushes and rollers for our professional decorators along with the expert advice and expertise that Hamilton is renowned for.”