Every working day in the UK two construction workers take their own life. But your donation could turn things around for someone who is struggling.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has launched its new ‘Save a Life’ campaign, urging people working in the construction sector to make a donation.

The charity runs a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, as well as offering workers and their families emergency financial and emotional support.

Anyone who makes an annual donation of £250, £500 or £1,000 will receive a pack of helpline cards to distribute to their workers, and posters to display in their premises.

Plus, if you pledge a donation of £1,000, Lighthouse will say thank you by displaying your logo on their website’s Company Support Page.

CEO Bill Hill said: “We’re on a massive journey to change attitudes towards mental health and leading the way with the industry's Building Mental Health programme.

“By ensuring that every one of our 2.1 million construction workers know where to turn to in times of need, you and your business can make a real difference to people’s lives and help eradicate these horrific figures”.